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Welcome To Natluk S.A.

About Us

About Us

About Us

Ecuador's #1 Wild Shrimp Exporting Company

Committed to meeting the highest standards of food safety and product quality, and protecting the wellbeing of our environment, community and team members.

Our Mission

Sustainable export of Ecuadorian shrimp

Our mission is to consolidate efficient productive associations that guarantee the stability of the producers, a permanent growth of the human talent and the economic and social development of a community dedicated to the sustainable production and export of shrimp with high potential in the international market for its quality .


Global Vision With Rooted Commitments

Our Story

We’re a family owned business founded by two siblings with a dream to see their hometown thrive. Based in a small coastal town called Playas, we’re sharing our renowned Ecuadorian wild shrimp with the world.

Our People

More Than A Team, We Are Family

We aim to inspire the success and wellbeing of our team members everyday. Sharing our mission and values, each of our collaborators finds purpose in their contribution to our customers, pride in the quality of our products and services, and fulfillment in their personal and professional development.


Natluk Innovation Solutions - Traceability

In our production process, every produced unit and master case has an unic QR code for traceability purposes, so we know all the history of that product. We take care of our customers, assuring the origin of the product they will be consuming.

International Market

We export quality shrimp all over the world and sell directly to supermarkets in Asia, USA, Europe and Latin America.