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IPIAP and NATLUK S.A sign an important agreement for the development of the ointment shrimp project

The Public Institute for Aquaculture and Fisheries Research (IPIAP) signs an inter-institutional cooperation agreement with the company NATLUK S.A for the development of the fishery improvement project (FIP) for the ointment shrimp fishery. The agreement was signed by Verónica Dahik, general manager of NATLUK SA, and Juan Javier García, general director of IPIAP, and aims to promote and support the research carried out by IPIAP on the ointment shrimp resource, achieving scientific and technological cooperation between both institutions. for the development of the “Research program for the improvement of the shrimp fishery”. The fishing improvement project for the ointment shrimp fishery in Ecuador will allow the execution of actions such as: defining and implementing a system for the collection, storage and dissemination of biological and fishing data, as well as the development of indirect evaluations of the ointment shrimp stock that They will serve to fulfill the objectives proposed within the Fishery Improvement Program and therefore the sustainable management of the resource. With the participation of both institutions, an exchange of information and actions will be achieved to improve the ointment shrimp fishery.